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About Aleasha Bahr
Founder of the Matchmaker Sales Method

Aleasha Bahr is a sales strategist and speaker with 14+ years of experience customizing sales strategies to your personality, audience and service (because sales is not a one-size-fits-all!)

Her methods empower service providers to effortlessly convert 80% of their leads without pain, pressure or pretending to be someone else.

She?s sold $50 million+ in services herself and has helped others sell 10.2M over the last 2 years alone with her proven, personalized approach that focuses on fit instead of manipulative tactics that feel uncomfortable for both buyers and sellers.

Her experience began when she was working with a well-known national media company, where she successfully sold multi-million dollar contracts.

Over the years she spent with them, she developed her skills selling to every industry and audience you can imagine: automotive, real estate, retail, etc. The problem was that the company often didn?t fulfill their promises to her clients.

As someone who can?t sell something that doesn't deliver results, she found that their way of doing work just didn?t align with her values, so she decided to do her own thing!

And, she was SO glad she did, because otherwise, she wouldn?t have the honor of empowering so many people to predictably and comfortably bring in their ideal clients, grow their revenue and help more people as a result without awkward sales strategies!