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About Us

Functional Nutritionist dedicated to understanding the biochemical individuality of each client by utilizing functional lab testing, genetic analysis, as well as client and family history, health status, and environmental factors. This guides my protocols for the best results. I work one on one with each client and we work together as a team to reach the goals set forth from the first meeting.

The clients with which I work include fertility (men and women), hormone balance (men and women), GI, autoimmune conditions, cardiovascular health, blood sugar balance, cardiovascular health, weight management, and general health and wellness.


  • https://www.tastelifenutrition.com/fertility/
  • https://www.tastelifenutrition.com/autoimmune/
  • https://www.tastelifenutrition.com/general-nutrition/
  • https://www.tastelifenutrition.com/cardiovascular-health/
  • https://www.tastelifenutrition.com/blood-sugar-control/